Wednesday, May 26, 2010

HAF Member Spotlight iKnitQuiltSew!!

iKnitQuiltSew is from Cedar City, Utah. She was taught to knit and sew by her grandmother before there was even color TV! I think this is great. To be handed down a craft from grandmother to child is quite special. This long background in knitting and sewing enables her to create such beautiful items such as this.
These beautiful and colorful booties sell at her Etsy Store. Also in her store you will find beautiful knitted hats and soft little teddy bears.
                     Check out this orange knitted cap for $10. She has a great variety of knitted booties and caps in all sorts of colors.

She also makes teddy bears. I have no idea how you would even go about making one. They look so perfect, I'll have to ask her how she does it. I'm just too curious. My favorite is this white teddy bear seen below.

                       Just as I thought I had seen everything in her store, I find that she hand quilts these beautiful baby quilts. Here is one with rainbow fish. So bright and colorful.

She also has a blog.

On the blog she talks about other artists and offers insights into her life as well as offering tutorials on knitting a baby headband and sewing a barbie doll outfit. Check it out. This is one talented lady.

  iKnitQuiltSew Etsy Store

   iKnitQuiltSew Blog


  1. Great post about a wonderful lady. Her creations are awesome.

  2. Cute bear! I love the fishes, too.
    Great post!

  3. She really is terribly talented!

  4. Great article on this very talented woman!

  5. Such a talented lady. Wonderful post. ;)

  6. I love the bear and can't stop playing with the fish...great post!

  7. Wonderful post. I didn't see the fish...I'll have to go back.

  8. Nice post about a talented lady. The fish quilt is too cute.

  9. Oh I'm gonna be using those tutorials very soon! My daughter loves dressing up her toys adn is just now getting into Barbie dolls. Wonderful feature!


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