Friday, May 7, 2010

What inspires me to make my beautiful jewelry - a trip to the coast

I am planning a trip to the coast, and I am very excited about it. I find myself continually inspired by the ocean. I don't mean the paua shell necklaces on cord. I also don't mean the sunshiny beaches with bikini clad women and muscular men.

No, I am talking about the rough and wild northern coast of California. There is only a little sand and lots of ragged, rocky coastline. It is free, unencumbered. I want to create a line of jewelry that reminds me of the raw, stark beauty of that coast.

Perhaps I can make some jewelry that reminds me of a dark and stormy day at the beach. The kind where you are bundles up in a hoodie and rolled up jeans, with bare feet braving the iciness of the water. I want to make jewelry that is natural and raw.

So this means only one thing.... a bead and jewelry supply shopping trip is on the horizon. Which means good news for the customers of Dream Again Jewelry.

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