Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Artist/Crafter spotlight Twiddletoes!

I am a member of HAF - (Handmade Artists' Forum). I am a part of a blog ring there and will be highlighting different artists each week. This week it is twiddletoes. She has an awesome website here.

She hand knits different types of luxury socks. She specializes in tabi socks. These socks have a separated toe so that you can wear them with flip flops. You can get rid of that annoying sock bunch up between the toes when wearing the flip flops. And  I am guilty of doing a little flip flop and sock wearing myself.

She also makes traditional socks out of some natural fibers, including alpaca, cashmere, and yak. They come in a variety of colors, and she also takes custom orders. just contact her here.

She also has a great blog. It is interesting, personable and funny.

From her website, in explaining the tabi socks she states, "Some of these features include:

  • A ribbed cuff for elasticity and a comfortable fit for just about any ankle width.
  • Grafted toes that eliminate rubbing and discomfort around the toes.
  • Reinforced heel 'rise' to prevent rubbing and wear when wearing inside shoes and boots.
  • Reinforcement between the toes to prevent flipflop thongs from wearing through and rubbing."

So check her out at her website. She also has an Etsy shop and a 1000markets shop.


  1. I love those Tabi toes. Nice post!

  2. Nice post, I love that top pair!

  3. Love that first pair! Wonderful post.

  4. Wonderful post! I love the socks! And welcome to the blog ring!

  5. Her socks all look so luxurious. Terrific post!

  6. Your blog is so beautiful. A great place to feature a wonderful artist.

  7. Great article!
    I want tabi for me..

  8. New reader of yours. Great posting, very easy to follow and so much information. Thanks for featuring Twiddletoes :)


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