Saturday, July 31, 2010

HAF Spotlight Artist Jennifer of Mewes Mountain Arts

Jennifer and her husband live in the foothills just outside of Denver, Colorado. Her faith inspires her artisan jewelry. She uses many different materials such as stone and silver. She created these beautiful pieces. On her profile she states that she earned a BFA and worked in painting and pottery. Which led her to truly understanding what it means to be a starving artist! From there she had a myriad of jobs, including one at a dairy. Later she earned a degree in IT and worked in that field. Her dream is to run a bed and breakfast in the mountains of Colorado.

You can buy her jewelry at her Handmade Artist's Forum Shop You can also visit her at her blog and on facebook. . Don't forget to check out her Etsy shop.Check out her beautiful jewelry  and read about her and her faith on her blog. You won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

HAF Member Spotlight - Dreams and Echoes

Today i have the pleasure of writing about Linda Talbott of Dreams and Echoes. She goes by Raedawn on Etsy, where she has a beautiful shop filled with jewelry.She started out as a visual artist and moved to beading after her daughter started beading.  She states in her Etsy profile,  "I grew up and lived most of my life in Maryland, but a short “sabbatical” in Ontario, Oregon, and a longer one in Silver City, New Mexico, had a definite influence on my work. My current jewelry includes themes that are primal/mythic, romantic/decorative, contemporary, and southwestern. " 

Her jewelry has sold in Maryland and shown in galleries in New Mexico and Oregon. In addition, her jewelry has been shown with her visual art in various venues. Now she showcases and sells her jewelry online. Her are some of her beautiful creations below.

You can also read her blog, follow her on twitter, and follow her on facebook.

Monday, July 12, 2010

HAF Team Artist Spotlight T.Rusk4U

Here is a talented lady, Teresa. She is a jewelry artist and also loves to sew as well as many other crafts. But her obsession now is jewelry. And it shows. Her jewelry is classic and beautiful. She uses wire along with many other materials such as natural stones such as garnet, obsidian, turquoise, and jade. You can find her store on Etsy where she sells these beautiful treasures, see below. She also shares herself with the world through her blog where she writes about "... my jewelry business, promoting others and the handmade movement, sharing information, and making new friends! You will also find tidbits about me, favorite recipes, interviews,etc...."

She, of course, is also on Facebook and Twitter. In addition she is in Find It Handmade, the Handmade Artist's Shop, and LinkedIn

Her aqua terra jasper bracelet

Her gold oval earrings with green picasso beads

Obsidian and pearl double strand necklace

Check out this talented lady and let me know what you think of her talent and creativity. I know I am inspired to make more jewelry!

Monday, July 5, 2010

HAF Team Artist of the week: baublezptoa aka Carmen

Carmen makes beautiful jewelry as can be seen in Baublez, her Etsy store.  You can also find her beautiful jewelry on ArtFire as Baublezptoa.  Carmen Trueheart hails from St. Agustine, Florida. She uses precious Metal Clay, metalwork, bronze, copper, wirework gemstones, vintage beads. She says she is an ex hippie that loves the colors and smoothness of beads. As a beader and jewelry maker myself, I must say that I understand completely. And you will too. One look at her jewelry and you can see that she loves her work.
You can see below her 

Mandala of Fine Silver with Gaspiete Green Necklace

I have to say that this is just stunning, as is the piece below.

Here is a large amethyst pendant necklace. I love amethyst.

There is something else very special about Carmen, her love of animals. She donates a percentage of each sale to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. You can see the cutest dogs on her blog also. Oh, did I forget to mention the blog? Well go check it out! She has more beautiful jewelry there as well. So check out Carmen's jewelry because you are really going to like it, and she is just a caring lady with a heart for the animals. I must admit, I am an animal lover as well. The fact that she donates some of her proceeds to an animal sanctuary makes me just want to buy her jewelry even more.