Tuesday, June 1, 2010

HAF Etsy Team Spotlight!! - K & K Crafts and Designs

K & K Crafts and Designs hails from Yokohama, Japan. Kazumi B. is the person behind the goods. She makes lovely frame purses. They are perfect for change and lipstick and whatnot. This one is so cute with the strawberries. It looks so sweet!. Kazumi has a blog where the crafts and drawings are discussed. She has also a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter account.

In addition, K & K Crafts and Designs makes sock monkeys!  She has a set of sock monkeys, a bride and a groom. They are just adorable. I want one!

These have to be the cutest things I have seen in a long time. Not only does K&K Crafts and Designs do frame purses and sock monkeys, they do sock monkey frame purses! See the cute one on a keychain below.

As if all this wasn't enough, she also does chalk art on another Etsy shop.  It is called K&K Chalk Art Designs. She does chalk art for individuals as well as businesses. She does them for coffee shops and weddings. Check out a picture of her chalk art below.

Kazumi also has Socky's World where you can see what Socky the Sock Monkey is up to.


  1. She's so multitalented, it's crazy!

  2. Great post about a very talented artisan.

  3. Great Feature! I love all of her work, very talented.

  4. Great post! I just have to smile everytime I see Kazumi's creations! They are so cute!!

  5. I have never seen anyone make a sock monkey into a coin purse before! Now that's imagination! ;)

  6. I love all her creations, you chose such wonderful representations of her work. Great posting :)

  7. She is a very talented woman. I especially love her chalk art designs.


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